< Oh my Sebastian Stan
This blog is dedicated to the Maddest Hatter, most loyal friend and best actor of everything Sebastian Stan. Enjoy your stay! P.s. you can leave your feels here.


i am very happy to have found your blog :) keep up the wonderful work!


thank you, love :)


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Sebastian is ruining my life, how do you handle it?! He's just so, GAH!!!! p.s. I love your blog so very much! ;)


thank you! just accept the fact that your life will never be the same and enjoy


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This blog every damn day since has ruined my life. How I can function without the daily struggles of seeing Sebastian and Tom all over my dashboard. It's a struggle.



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I love Sebastian and I really love your blog and thats basically what people need to now.<3


thank you!


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A Day at the Park - A Bucky/Reader fanfic

by wonderful takethethirdoption [~2000 words]

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I just started watching Political Animals :) Can Sebastian actually play the piano?


no, he can’t 

Captain America The Winter Soldier Press Conference:

Q: Sebastian, any musical talent?

Sebastian Stan: Nope, no musical talent. Just good old karaoke, you know?  That’s all I’ve got.


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Winter soldier is gonna appear on superman vs batman!?😱


no :)

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what's sebastian instagram?

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Headcanon: Sebastian only pretends to suck at tennis so you could help teach him. He loves the feel of you standing behind him, the way your breasts feel pressed up against his back as you wrap your arms around him, the way your breath tickles his ear as you explain the steps. You try to get him to pay attention & swing the racket properly but he's too distracted by the smell of your perfume. He actually knows how to play, he just fakes sucking so you can help him. Sneaky Sebby ;)



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Your blog is the worst thing thats ever happened to me, RIP me. So. Much. Baz.



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